Machining Capabilities

Randall is committed to an on-going investment in production equipment, manufacturing facilities, test equipment and logistical management. We continue to be an innovator in the industry.

The Lima and Coldwater facility machines are equipped with high production efficiency bar feeders, live tooling and dual pallet capabilities.

State of the art computerized CNC four-axis lathes enable turning and boring simultaneously to ensure the greatest efficiency. CNC machining centers also allow greater capabilities in the drilling and milling areas. Robotic technology is strategically utilized within the production process. Randall combines quality in craftsmanship with computerization of the machining processes.

Machining Capabilities 2
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Quality Control

Randall Bearings’ temperature controlled inspection lab hosts state of the art equipment including two Zeiss coordinate measuring machines and other precision instruments to control and inspect the product throughout the production processes. Our commitment to quality and excellence has resulted in unparalleled success in delivering quality products to our customers.

Quality Control 4
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